Terri Mairley

Terri discovered yoga soon after the loss of her mother in 2003.  The physical and emotional experience of yoga helped her reconnect with herself.  As yoga practice became an essential part of her everyday life, Terri found herself asking the serious questions, what is the purpose of life?  Who am I?  It was then she decided to use the strengths given to her by God--a strong body, strong voice and a strong conviction on the yoga philosophy of life.  She had found her purpose in life, and longed to share yoga with others.  In 2005, Terri received her 200-hour yoga certification in Hot Yoga and soon after her 200-hour certification in power yoga and began teaching what had become a vital part of her core being.

In February 2007, along with her brother Jay, she opened Udaya Yoga Center in Golden, Colorado with hopes of building a strong yoga community in her home town.

Terri feels that yoga is an opening to a greater level of awareness to the mind and body. Working together through focus, patience, trust and understanding of the body and mind; bringing a greater awareness to your consciousness as a whole.

Terri’s own asana practice has been a life changing experience.  It has opened many doors and improved her quality of life; spiritually, emotionally and physically.  

Terri has continued her quest for more knowledge with a 200-hour certification in Classical Hatha Yoga.  She would like to continue her education with a certification in yoga therapy and or a degree in physical therapy “I haven’t decided,” she says.   Her inspiration is Tias Little, and she has hopes of attending his training in the fall of 2008.

“I have the secret to a calm, peaceful more fulfilling life,” she says. I would like my students to experience a life change and find enlightenment through his or her practice, realizing that yoga is life on and off the mat.

Bill Baldry

Bill's journey into Yoga began during a challenging time in his life in 2007 when a person he hardly knew, sensed the severity of this difficult time, took him to his first Yoga class. That class would change his life, for out of that class he felt empowered like never before.

Drawing from the experience of his own practice, he began teaching Yoga in 2008. "The only thing more rewarding than discovering your own Yoga practice is sharing the beautiful gift of Yoga with others." Through the generosity of one of his students, he was able to complete his 200 hour certification in 2012.

Out of that generosity, it has always been his dream and goal to open a "donation-based" Yoga studio where people pay what they can afford. This concept embodies the very fundamental teachings of Yoga. This is the mantra of Udaya Yoga and makes it possible for anyone and everyone to experience the deeply profound teachings of the asana traditions of Yoga.

The cultivation of energy through the music and people in class creates a unique, engaging, and dynamic experience where each student is encouraged to make the class his/her own. Giving from his heart and soul, with a sense of humor, is what Bill intends to bring to each and every class.

"Sound when stretched is Music...Movement when stretched is Dance...Mind when stretched is Meditation...Life when stretched is Celebration!"

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